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High School AddictionMe: (talking to boyfriend on the phone) Wanna hang out?
Him: (distracted) Huh?
Me: Are you busy?
Bo…View Postshared via

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It’s raining mammothAs I woke up this morning, I checked the weather online and saw “Mammoth storm”.
I called my…View Postshared via

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Nikon 5100…I’m gonna bring you out today!!!!

hot hot hot…scene stealer

ME: OH MY GOD!!! I heard that this guy, he’s such a dick. He has rupees and he totally slept with that girl. And she got rupees too. I heard that they did in the alleyway or something.  What a jerk. He totally gave rupees to that poor girl!
FRIEND: Rupees? Isn’t that a currency?
ME: OH (embarassed) I mean ROOFIES! My bad!
FRIEND: Isn’t that a drug? Do you mean “Herpes”??


FRIEND: ………..


I don't consider myself a fob. I'm just...a little stuck in the middle la...